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About Talent

No matter in ancient times or in modern society, when it comes to personnel appointment, those who establish great causes all follow the principle of “talent first”.

That’s not enough, in Kuwo’s perspective. More important is to know the talents and give a full play to their potential. 

So Kuwo Dairy provides staff not only a platform to fulfill their talents, but also great room for career development. Evaluation and reward mechanism are also established on an equal and clear basis. 

Those with talents and strength can be immediately recognized by the company through the evaluation mechanism, then be promoted through the reward mechanism so that they can be entrusted with significant positions and tasks to take full advantage of their potential.

For those unsuitable for their positions, Kuwo Dairy will reconsider their skills and reappoint them to more appropriate ones, which not only reflects the “talent first” principle but also reduces staff outflow. 

Kuwo Dairy is devoted to creating such a favorable environment for staff to fulfill themselves. At the same time the company will minimize the waste of their talents. To advance with the times, Ku Wo and its staff will learn and grow together.

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